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Car Window Tinting: Information and Benefits
Car window tinting creates a cool, custom look for your vehicle, but not many people know that there are many other functional benefits of window tinting your car. Velocity Tint provides car window tinting as well as window tinting for just about any vehicle. See the following reasons why car window tinting is a valued addition to any vehicle:

UV Blocking
Car window tinting blocks up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays. If you're in the car for extended periods, car window tinting is important for protecting you and loved ones from cancer-causing UV rays. UV protection comes in various grades, and you do not need to have windows significantly darkened to block UV.

Heat Control
In addition to UV, the sun also tends to create uncomfortable heat inside your car. Since car window tinting also blocks up to 71% of solar energy, you can easily stay comfortable and prevent expensive overuse of the AC.

Added Safety
Car windows are designed to reduce injury when broken, but car window tint brings window security to a new level. Since window tint covers entire panes, broken glass stays in one piece, greatly reducing chances of injury from glass shards. An added benefit is that cleanup is that much easier after breakage.

Theft Prevention
Car window tinting also protects from car theft. Security tint makes car windows more durable, and, since broken glass is held together, even a thief that succeeds in breaking a window is still faced with a solid panel of glass and film.


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