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About Us

Green Clean Machine specializes in harmonizing your home or business with exceptional customer service, detailed and professional eco friendly cleaning, organizing and teaching clients to successfully let go of items that don't serve them and educating consumers on what chemical products are physically harmful to us and our planet. We also offer organization/declutter cleaning packages and green living education!


Dusting is very important if you have allergies or asthma, we don't skip a beat (or picture frame)
Hard water stains and buildup removed without harmful chemicals
Clean greasy stoves with just water and a microfiber cloth
Remove mold and mildew with cleaners that are safe, eco friendly and non toxic
Hard water stains removed safely and effectively while not harming yourself or the environment
We tidy as we clean too!
Baseboards are considered absolutely necessary to be cleaned!
We never use bleach to clean, it just isn't necessary. Not sure how that's possible? Ask me!
We can get the insides of your refrigerator with only the safest, most NON toxic products around! You don't want your food covered in chemicals now do you?
Josh's energy, kindness and compassion towards you, your family or your business is something that we admire at GCM!
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