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About Us

Creating Quality Swim Instruction on the Central Coast since 1984

Our fun, award winning swim lessons will gently bring you or your child to the world of swimming. Classes incorporate songs and play as child learn to feel comfortable in the water, all while learning essential skills for swimming and safety. As children grow and skills develop, they move up levels, learn more, and become sure, confident swimmers. Our goal is that all children not only learn to swim but love doing it as well. We also provide swim lessons for adults. To make sure we continue grow and use the most innovative techniques, we participate in national and international swim school conferences.

We also offer water aerobic classes 5 days a week and recreational swim 6 days a week. We have a something for everyone.

Our warm and indoor pool is heated to 90 degrees so it always feels good to be in the water. Whether you're learning to swim, taking an exercise class, or just enjoy some recreation time in the water, we'd love to see you.


Summer 2019 Special
Owner Jeff Purchin with the United States Swim School Associations mascot "Pete and Repeat"
Assistant Manager Abby in a selfie with all our awesome attendees at our annual Open House
The 5 Cities Swim School has received a grant from the Make A Splash Foundation where we will be able to give 100 lessons to the Boys and Girls Club of Oceano
The 5 Cities Swim School is a proud member of the United States Swim School Association