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How do I drop off items?
We accept items weekly, 30 minutes after opening & 30 minutes before closing. Please check our website for what days we are taking drop offs. We accept one standard size paper grocery bag of clothing (sizes NB-12). Shoes (Size NB-4) Books, Toys. Select gear and accessories. Always check our website for up to date info.
Store Credit Trade Vs. Consignment:
Store Credit: We go through your items, give back any items we do not want. We then add 30-50% of what we will sell them for, to your account, as store credit. This can be used at any time, on any items, but it can not be cashed out.
Same as above, except you will receive 35% of the selling price, once it sells. You can use your credit on any thing in the store. At any time, or you may request a pay out. Pay outs need to be requested online using the payout request form, by the 10th of the month and will be issued by the 15th.